The American West Guarantee

  We manufacture all of our products to meet the highest quality standards and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Each piece is handcrafted and due to the hand-crafted nature and the natural character of leather, imperfections are part of the unique charm of American West’s goods.

Our warranty covers any and all manufacture's defects to your American West product.
We pride ourselves on high quality handmade products.
These handmade items will have natural variances

Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, (examples listed below) improper care, negligence or the normal breakdown of natural materials over extended time and use.

Please consider this before emailing about your damaged item.

  1. This warranty does not cover products purchased through non-authorized American West dealers or purchased as irregular or used. The warranty is non-transferrable and covers only the original purchaser.

Since we do not have a repair shop, we advise customers that a local saddle or shoe repair shop is the best option.  

Items not considered as manufacturer’s defect

  • Normal wear and tear, including edges and handles or straps worn from day-to-day use
  • Natural discoloration of leather and leather softening from usage and age and exposure to heat and direct sunlight.
  • Rips, scratches, tears due to misuse.
  • Zipper teeth that are broken from misuse or improper force.
  • Linings that are worn, ripped, or stained.
  • Stains and spots on leather.
  • Damage from pets.
  • Damage to finish from improper conditioning and cleaning.
  • Hair that is sparse or has rubbed off.